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One of the most challenging and heart-breaking tasks in life is to arrange a funeral X for a loved one We offer a fully personalised service to suit all types of ceremony – ranging from the traditional and alternative – both non-religious and religious. We know, through experience, that these are not always the best options for our customers and their loved ones. The Funeral Director Industry Associations require all their members to offer a basic, Direct Cremation funeral or Direct Burial funeral X – a compulsory requirement as part of their fundamental codes of conduct. Many funeral directors do not advertise this as an option, recently found in a Which? consumer survey. We believe integrity is important at this very difficult time, and as a result, we are proud to offer a number of packages that offer clarity, transparency and quality of service.

Bespoke, Traditional or Non Religious Ceremonies

Tradition services in burial and cremation, our clients can also choose to have non-religious and humanist celebrations of life. We are able to follow your personal needs and requirements to keep to your ideals and wishes.

Direct Cremation or Direct Burial Packages

We are able to personalise packages X to suit those who wish for a direct, small or more simple funeral or cremation service. Hoping to alleviate some of your worries, this is carried out with complete support to your personal circumstance.

Full Price Listing

We offer a full list of pricing to guide you and your family as to all extra charges, from transport to flowers, music to willow caskets. These can befit your every personal taste, while attempting to soothe some of the strain at this traumatic time.


Our funeral services wish to be as transparent as possible. We offer a service that hopes to give you peace of mind by offering an open price plan and a full breakdown of each package available.


Our funeral director, Philip, is committed to offering your the most personal and suitable burial or cremation; Experienced and sensitive, we are proud to work with you in your time of need.

Fulfilling Your Wishes X

As a funeral directors, we believe that our clients need as much support as possible. We wish to help those who require a simple and affordable funeral arrangement, and as a result, offer direct funerals as standard. The heavy and traumatic loss of losing a person close to you, whether a family member or friend, can cause huge upheavals, both practically and emotionally. The team at Sussex Funeral Services pride themselves on their sensitivity to all circumstances, as they realise how difficult a funeral, and all its practicalities, can be X. As a result, we know that by offering a range of funeral options, you can retain some kind of control and freedom in a resolutely difficult time. We are proud to offer affordable packages, to help you with any financial worries or implications that a funeral, however unexpected, may cause.

•Sussex Funeral Services offer a fully bespoke burial or cremation service
•Help and support every step of the way
•Fully experienced, compassionate team
•No hidden charges – we pride ourselves on our transparency
•Simple, direct burial and cremation packages also available
•Contact us today so that we may help you in this difficult time

For whatever the reason, some families and individuals who are responsible for organising a funeral for a lost loved one, may wish not to have a ceremony associated with a larger funeral. Each and every situation is different and we wish to offer a fully transparent set of services right from the outset, giving families and individuals greater peace of mind. We are aware that many other funeral directors do not openly advertise a direct funeral as an option, yet it is a requirement. Many services do not list their pricing online, becoming less transparent in their costing – a marketing behaviour we find somewhat uncomfortable – this lack of full clarity at an already traumatic time is, in our eyes, exploitative. Our clients are made aware of their options right from the point of contacting us, so that we may offer the right kind of support throughout this difficult time.

Our Experienced Team in Can Help You X

The ‘No Fuss’, direct cremation or direct to grave burial options can help those in need. We can help those who may need to consider the implications of funeral cost and who wish to opt out of having a large funeral. Our sensitive staff will gladly support you in your personal wishes throughout this time, while upholding dignity and discretion, throughout.

We Are Sensitive to Your Needs

The traditional packages we offer are also fully broken down in to clear pricing lists for complete transparency and whatever your choice, our traditional packages are usually split into three main costs: The Coffin, and our Third-Party Costs and Our Professional Service Charge. At Sussex Funeral Services, our experienced funeral director, Phillip, knows that this service could help a great many people who aren’t aware of more simplistic funeral arrangements, and may even suit those who wish for a less public, more private time to help them move forward or to grieve in the manner they find most appropriate. We know that for whatever your reasons, you know what is best for your loved one and your circumstance, and we believe that you should never feel any pressure to have a larger ceremony if this isn’t suitable. Our open advertisement of direct and affordable private funerals, this means we can cater for your distinct wishes from the outset. The ‘No Fuss’ direct cremation and direct to grave packages we offer can help those families in need, who may need to carefully consider the implications of a funeral cost or indeed, for whatever reason, wish not to have a large funeral. This may be for a number of reasons, and our sensitive staff can adhere to your wishes with utmost discretion and sensitivity.

Affordable, Private, Direct Cremation and Burial Packages

Our ‘No Fuss’ funeral is an affordable alternative to the traditional funeral packages we offer.

This gives you the option to separate any ceremony from the cremation and leaves families free to arrange a memorial or celebration of life away from the crematorium and in their own time.

Direct Cremation Example

This package is from £899 plus disbursements and inclusive of the following:

•Collection within 10 miles (out of hours will incur an extra charge)
•Personal Hygiene care of deceased
•Viewing in our Family Viewing Room, within office hours if required
•Conveying to crematorium of our choosing
•Coffin suitable for cremation
•Crematorium fee for 8.30 slot (no chapel use) on a day of our choosing
•Doctors Fee

Direct Burial – also known as a ‘Direct to Graveside’ service

Burial option with personal hygiene care – Price £1,260 exclusive of burial plot

•Collection within 10 miles (out of hours will incur an extra charge)
•Personal Hygiene care of deceased
•Viewing in our Family Viewing Room
•Conveying to a Brighton & Hove Cemetery in our Hearsette
•Coffin suitable for burial
•Burial slot on a day and at a time of our choosing

Burial Plots

Costs for the following optional cemeteries – Prices start at £970 to £1500 dependent on your preferred location:

Hove Cemetery, Lawns Memorial, Woodland Valley, Clayton Wood or Eden Valley Natural Burial Ground (includes a tree planting).


Our clients’ comments are of much importance – and we’d like to share their thoughts with you.

“I want to thank you so much for all you did Philip, and for us the service was just as she would have wanted – there wasn’t one thing that we could have done better, and the majority of that was down to you.

You helped us in a very sad day, giving us the time to remember and honour a loved one -you treated our Mum with such respect and dignity”. – K. Sherlock.

“I want to thank you so much for all you did Philip and for us the service was just as she wanted, and there wasn’t one thing that we could have done better, and the majority of that was down to you.

This was an extremely distressing time which was eased knowing you were taking care of mum and the appropriate arrangements – Thank you so much”. – Brenda Totman

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