Suggested questions to ask a funeral director before engaging him/her!

  • Who would be looking after us/our family? Would it be the same person throughout from initial contact, through making all of the arrangements to the carrying out of the ceremony?
  • Is your company run by a family or part of a chain? (Often funeral director businesses retain the names of the original owners long after the business has been sold on to a larger group.)
  • Does your company belong to a trade organisation? Have you a copy of their code of conduct available for us if so?
  • Would you come to our home to discuss the arrangements? At our convenience? Is there any cost for this?
  • Who would be looking after the body of the person who has died? Can we meet them?
  • Where will the person who has died be looked after and kept until the funeral? Can we have a look please? (This may not be something that everyone wants to do, but the response to the question is a good guide to the standards of the non-public area of the premises!)
  • Do you recommend embalming? Why? (The process of embalming is often coyly referred to as ‘temporary preservation’ or ‘hygienic treatment’, and is a toxic, invasive procedure that is generally unnecessary and never a legal requirement unless the person who has died is to be transported internationally. Some funeral directors will encourage families to agree to it by implying that it would be too distressing to see an un-embalmed body – this is rarely the case.)
  • Can we help care for the person who has died by washing and dressing him/her?
  • Are there any restrictions on spending time with the person who has died? What are they? Are there any costs involved?
  • If we want to look after the person who has died at home until the funeral, would you help us to do so? What would be involved? What costs would this incur?
  • Does your price list break everything down so we can choose as much or as little from you as we want?
  • Can we have a price list e-mailed/sent to us please?
  • What types of coffin do you offer? What do you know about the different types and where they are sourced from? If we don’t like any of them, can you obtain alternatives? Can we supply our own coffin if we choose?
  • What do you know about the choices of where to bury or cremate the person who has died? Are there any natural burial grounds nearby? What can you tell us about them?
  • If we want the funeral on a particular day and at a specific time would you be able to accommodate this?
  • What types of transport do you offer to take the coffin to the funeral ceremony? Can we provide our own transport as an alternative if we wanted?
  • Can our family and friends carry the coffin? Can we lower it into the grave?
  • If we organised transport and/or pall bearing ourselves, what difference would this make to the costs of your service?
  • What type of funeral ceremony could we have? And where? Do we need to have someone leading the ceremony? If so, who would you suggest? Why? How much input can we have into the ceremony?
  • How can we make our ceremony special? (A good funeral director will be able to come up with appropriate suggestions by finding out about the needs of the family and the wishes and personality of the person who has died)
  • What makes your company the right one for us to choose?

Sussex Funeral Services are proud to be able to answer all the above questions favourably

Phil from Sussex Funeral Services was absolutely fantastic in organising my Dad's funeral. He's done quite a few Hindu funerals before so knew exactly what we needed and organised everything on the short time we needed it done. Extremely professional and friendly.
Rajul Savani
Rajul Savani
19:56 06 Mar 20
I cannot recommend Sussex Funeral Services more highly. They handled all of our requests with great sensitivity and professionalism. Everything was explained clearly and in sufficient detail. Different service/cost options were discussed, and at no point did we feel unnecessarily overcharged. Nothing was too much trouble, they are lovely people and gave us really wonderful service.
Ann Gray
Ann Gray
06:37 20 Feb 20
It is never an easy time, saying goodbye to a loved one. Philip was great, helping us every step of the way. We had a dignified and fitting send off for my Father in law George.
dawn patram
dawn patram
13:03 19 Feb 20
I can not recommend highly enough Sussex Funeral Service extremely professional and caring and superb customer service, nothing was too much trouble in guiding us through a difficult time.
Nick Hackman
Nick Hackman
17:21 05 Feb 20
Truly an amazing funeral directors. Helped us bury my dad when it was so difficult for us. Coming from a culturally diverse background, it was nice to have people who worked around us to ensure my dad had the best, rather than have us to confirm to the service. Service is what we experienced from other funeral directors, therefore we moved to Sussex Funeral Services. I highly recommend Sussex Funeral Services for a personalised service which is people focus and they will help work within your budget.
Kenya Simpson Martin
Kenya Simpson Martin
16:33 28 Dec 19
Philip and Sallie provided a truly wonderful service at a very difficult moment in my life ....... and went the extra mile all the way round. I would thoroughly recommend them. Thank you Philip and Sally.
Really wonderful service from Phil and the team. Made everything seamless and very supportive all the way through. I would highly recommend to anyone.
bianca kokkolas
bianca kokkolas
15:17 13 Dec 19
From the moment that I met the team they were fantastic. Funerals are never an easy thing to be burdened with but the sussex funeral service helped put me and my family at ease with there attention to detail and their overall organisation. We would highly recommend their services.
Joseph B
Joseph B
14:08 13 Dec 19
Philip,I just wanted to thank you formally for all your help in designing and delivering Joyce's funeral. I didn't really know how to go about choosing a funeral director, and I'm so glad I chose you. You gave extremely good advice about the design of the service. Throughout the process you have been very helpful and gave me a lot of reassurance through your obvious good planning, professionalism and expertise. And you provided me with great people to work with - Lisa with the flowers and, in particular, the wonderful Jen.I'm sure you know that this has been the most difficult time of my life. I'm very pleased with the way that the funeral went - as were all the people there. So you have my gratitude for making it a success and for the fact that the process was more pain free than I would have dared to imagine.Warm regards,Ed Hagger
Joyce Brown
Joyce Brown
16:47 30 Aug 19