Woodvale Crematorium

The Woodvale Crematorium offers cremation services in Brighton to loved ones of a deceased individual in accordance to his or her wishes.

Location and Overview

The Woodvale crematorium is located on Lewes Road, Brighton, where the Extra Mural Cemetery is also located. The main entrance is about a mile away from the city centre and should be used to access the crematorium except when the Extra Mural cemetery is required.

Public transport links are available even though with a 30 minute walk from the Brighton station, the crematorium can be easily reached.

Opening times for the crematorium in October to March include:

  • 9am to 4pm on Monday to Saturday
  • 11am to 4pm on Sunday and on public holidays.

Opening times for the crematorium in April to September include:

  • 9am to 5:30pm on Monday to Saturday
  • 11am to 5:30pm on Sunday and public holidays

Woodvale Crematorium Chapels

  • North and South Chapel – they are located adjacent to the building of the crematorium and situated approximately one quarter of a mile as you drive off the main gates on Lewes Road.
  • Extra-Mural Chapel – located in the Extra-Mural Cemetery and is inaccessible from the main Woodvale gate. The Extra-Mural Chapel is also sometimes used for services. A separate sign is posted up the road opposite the BP petrol station for ease of locating.

Process of Cremation at Woodvale Crematorium

Before the service

  • Hearse arrives at crematorium
  • The coffin is taken off the hearse and carried into the chapel of choice and placed on the catafalque

During the service

  • As the service takes place, the coffin is left on the catafalque until service has been completed.

After the service

  • The mourners leave the chapel and are followed by the coffin on a transfer trolley.
  • The coffin gets transferred to the cremators who are located in the charge area.
  • Identity of the deceased is confirmed and the relevant details are entered into the computer system.


  • Cremation begins with the coffin put into the cremator
  • Charging, which involves putting the coffin in the cremator takes place and approximately 1.5 hours later, the cremation is completed.

After cremation

  • Cremated remains of the deceased are raked and transferred into a cooling chamber to cool off
  • After cooling, the remains are sent to a transfer container
  • Residues made of metal are taken away for recycling purposes
  • Remains are then placed in the cremulator for reduction and are removed ten minutes after.
  • A clearly identified container is used to hold the remains after being removed from cremulator.
  • The remains are then stored in a temporary deposit where they are claimed by the applicant or by a representative acting on their behalf. Where there is no one to collect the cremated remains, the ashes are scattered within the crematorium grounds in accordance with the wishes of the applicant.

Woodland Crematorium works with Sussex Funeral Services to provide Brighton and Hove residents with funeral services when a loved one dies. To book funeral services, contact Sussex Funeral Services on 01273736469 (Hove) or 07789 174453 (Brighton).

Typical Cremation Funeral £3,153 (fully inclusive)

Funeral Director Fees

Our professional fee

Transport Of The Coffin

Formal hearse (silver cars are extra)
£230 (includes 1 x Bearer)
£35 each (unless you have enough family bearers to carry)

Funeral Celebrants And Ministers

Independent funeral celebrant
From £200
Or religious minister


£691 (or £480 for the early 9.30am or 10am slot)
The Downs


Doctors fee (unless subject to post mortem)
£82 (per doctor) During this current Covid-19 crisis, only one doctor is required

A Typical Example Of A Cremation Funeral Service

Our professional fee
Coffin: Our standard oak veneered ‘Ardingly’
Crematorium fee
Doctors fee

Please note: Our Professional Fee includes Initial Consultation, Follow-up meetings / calls, Advice, Support, Arrangements and Administration; Collection of the deceased from hospital or Mortuary; Care of the deceased up until day of the funeral; Preparations & viewing arrangements & Support; Ensuring all relevant papers are completed correctly and submitted; Collection & Care of the cremated remains (up to 3 months storage); Administering donations; Funeral Director on the day of funeral to manage & assist with the funeral.

Other Expenses To Consider

Home / Nursing Home Collection during Office hours
Out of hours callout** – see below for explanation
Order of services
Newspaper notices
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Phil at Sussex Funeral Services is so compassionate, experienced and knowledgeable. He made every stage of my dear mum’s funeral simple to move through. I felt held and supported all the way through. Thank you so much Phil!
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