Traditional vs Alternative Funeral Services Rottingdean

Today’s funeral services offer a seemingly endless variety of options to choose from. At Sussex Funeral Services, we can help you navigate these extensive options, from where to hold the ceremony to the flower arrangements, and help you make the right choices for your family.

When it comes to funeral preparations, the first major decision that families of the deceased face is often whether to hold a traditional or an alternative funeral ceremony. Both types of ceremonies can be religious or secular in nature according to the wishes of the deceased. On this page, we will describe the essential elements of these two types of funeral services and the options for personalisation available for each.

Traditional Funeral Services

“One of the recognitions shared by humans throughout the world and over time is the importance of ritual.” ~ Kenneth J. Doka

The details of the traditional funeral service have slowly changed throughout the years, but the broader elements of today’s traditional ceremonies would still be recognised by those who lived hundreds of years ago. At Sussex Funeral Services, we can arrange a traditional funeral service for your loved one that incorporates all of these well-known rites of passage that honour the life and death of the departed.

Traditional funerals follow an established etiquette for each stage of the ceremony and may include:

  • A formal procession lead by a hearse to escort your loved one to the cemetery or crematorium
  • A minister (religious or secular) to officiate the service
  • Readings and/or prayers chosen by the loved ones and family of the departed
  • A formal service at the local parish church followed by the committal at the cemetery or crematorium, or a full service at the cemetery or crematorium chapel

These are only a few of the primary traditional funeral rituals. These may vary for religious ceremonies according to the rites and customs of that religion.

Alternative Funeral Services

Today, increasing numbers of families are choosing personalised and unique ceremonies composed of self-designed rites and rituals over the traditional approach. These ceremonies typically focus on the celebration of life rather than the confronting of death. At Sussex Funeral Services, we can help you prepare an alternative funeral to mark the passing of your loved one that honours their personality and the way in which they lived their life.

The options available for alternative funerals are nearly endless. You can choose from a “green” woodland burial, a sea burial, or perhaps a simple civil ceremony at a crematorium. Whatever option you choose, we can help you incorporate personalised touches that create a meaningful and inspiration ceremony that is truly unique. You may also wish to create a blend of traditional and non-traditional funeral elements.

Regardless of the type of funeral you prefer, whether its completely traditional, completely unique, or a personalised mix of the two, at Sussex Funeral Services we will offer you the choice that you need to create a deeply touching and memorable ceremony that fully honours the life and passing of your loved one. We will gently guide you through the decision-making process, exploring the various possibilities to ensure that the funeral you design will be fully in keeping with your wishes.

At Sussex Funerals, we will never rush you into making decisions, instead taking as much time as you require to help you choose what kind of funeral is right for your loved one, from the big decisions down to the tiny flourishes and gestures that help make each ceremony personal and heartfelt.

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