Religious vs Celebrant Funeral Services Rottingdean

The two biggest choices facing the families of the deceased are usually whether to hold a traditional or an alternative funeral service, and whether that service should be religious, secular, or a blend of the two. At Sussex Funeral Services, serving the Rottingdean community, we will help you navigate these choices, supporting you at every step of the decision-making process and providing advice and guidance as needed.

Some families already know whether they would like a religious or a celebrant service (also known as a secular or humanist funeral service), but for many families the decision is much less clear. On this page we provide the main differences between the two types of services and outline some of the options available to each.

Religious Funeral Services

When the departed was a regular practitioner of a particular faith or religious group, then generally the family will, in accordance with the wishes of the deceased, choose a religious service that follows the traditions of that faith and officiated by a minister or spiritual leader. Where the minister has not yet presented themselves to the family following the loved one’s passing, we will ensure that the most appropriate minister will be found to officiate the service.

In some cases, the deceased has not left clear wishes for their funeral arrangements and was not a regular church-goer or religious practitioner. In these cases, we will discuss the options available to you and help you decide whether a religious ceremony would be fitting. Sometimes the departed was not a member of a particular faith but was nevertheless a deeply spiritual person, and the family may wish to recognise that spirituality through religious or personalised funeral rites. Here too we will help you find the most appropriate minister who can prepare and officiate a meaningful service that incorporates a bespoke blend of religious and secular elements in accordance with your wishes.

Celebrant Funeral Services

An increasingly popular alternative to a wholly religious funeral ceremony is the celebrant, or secular, service. Celebrant funeral services offer flexibility of choice for the family and loved ones of the deceased, allowing them to create their own rituals to honour their life and passing. Celebrant services are carefully prepared to create a deeply personal and moving ceremony.

Philip, the owner and operator of Sussex Funeral Services, is a highly trained and experienced funeral director and celebrant. He is also a full member of the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants. Whether you require a fully secular celebrant service or would like to include religious elements, Philip will prepare a meaningful and inspiration funeral service that honours your loved one profoundly. In accordance with your wishes, he can prepare a service that focuses on the celebration of life and love while deeply acknowledging the great loss faced as a result of your loved one’s death. Such celebrant funeral services can provide an honest and personal way of saying goodbye to the departed in a way that honours their beliefs, wishes and personality.

The Very Essence of a Caring, Continuous Relationship

Whether you choose Philip, another officiant, minister or even a dear family friend to officiate the funeral ceremony, Sussex Funeral Services will help you with every aspect of the funeral arrangements. From securing a venue, arranging catering and ordering the flower arrangements, we will provide experienced guidance at every step of the way.

If you choose for Philip to prepare and officiate the service, you can be confident that he will provide you with nothing less than excellent service. Both Philip and Sallie will also offer you their unconditional comfort and support during this challenging time, beginning from the first moment you contact Sussex Funeral Services. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to ensure that you will never be alone during this painful journey.

Sussex Funeral Services serves the community of Rottingdean for all of your funeral needs. If you would like to explore whether a religious or celebrant funeral service is right for your family, contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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