Religious vs Celebrant Funeral Services Portslade

When it comes to funeral arrangements, deciding whether you would like a religious or a celebrant funeral service is one of the first choices the deceased’s family must make. At Sussex Funeral Services, we are here to help you at every step of the decision-making process.

Sometimes the deceased has left clear wishes regarding the type of funeral service that they prefer. However, for many loved ones, the decision is not an obvious one. On this page we explore the difference between these two types of funeral services and offer you an idea of which might be right for your family.

Religious Funeral Services

If the deceased belonged to a particular religion, church or faith, then usually the funeral services will be officiated by a minister of that faith according to the wishes of the deceased. If the officiant has not yet presented themselves to the family of the deceased, then we will make all the necessary arrangements to find the most fitting officiant to conduct the service.

In cases where the loved one has not expressed particular wishes for their funeral, and especially where they were not particularly religious, we will discuss with you whether and what kind of religious service would be most fitting. In some cases, the deceased did not belong to a specific church or religion, but nevertheless their spirituality formed an essential component of their lives. Here the family may wish to incorporate that spirituality into the funeral service, perhaps utilising a blend of religious and secular elements in accordance with the way the deceased lived their life. We can help you select a fitting minister to officiate the service as well as help you choose particular readings or poems that reflect your loved one and add a personalised touch.

Celebrant Funeral Services

Celebrant funeral services can fully secular or a combination of religious and non-religious services, due to the wishes and beliefs of your loved one. The services are becoming increasingly popular in recent years due to the flexibility they offer for honouring the deceased in a unique way. They allow families to be creative, expressing their love and their grief in a fully personalised ceremony.

Philip is a highly trained and extensively experienced funeral director and celebrant, as well as being a full of the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants. Whether you choose a fully secular service or would like blend of religious and secular elements, Philip can offer advice and guidance to help you create a meaningful and inspirational funeral service that profoundly honours your loved one’s passing. These carefully crafted ceremonies can focus on the celebration of life and love while still acknowledging the great loss suffered by the loved ones and family of the deceased. These ceremonies provide a way to say goodbye to your loved one in a deeply moving and personal way.

The Very Essence of a Caring, Continuous Relationship

At Sussex Funeral Services, we emphasise choice. You may opt to have a religious minister, another officiant, a dear family friend, or Philip himself to prepare and conduct the service. Whomever you choose, Sussex Funeral Services will assist you with every step of organising and arranging the ceremony.

If you decide that you would like Philip to help you create and conduct the funeral service, you can be confident that you will receive only the best possible service as well as the emotional support that is so necessary during this difficult time. This unconditional comfort and guidance begins from the very first moment that you contact Sussex Funeral Services, and is an integral part of our devotion to providing compassionate care and choice, as well as developing deep and trusting relationships with all of our clients.

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