Lawn Memorial Cemetery, Brighton and Hove

Most cemeteries provide a tranquil atmosphere for self-reflection and metacognition. If you need a place to relax and think, or simply looking for a final resting spot for your loved one, the Lawn Memorial Cemetery in Woodingdean, Brighton provides the ideal place. Many people find the tranquillity they need on its massive expanse of lush green lawn


The Lawn Memorial Cemetery is located on Warren Road, Woodingdean, Brighton. A sectional plan of the cemetery is available to view online. People using a Sat Nav system in their vehicle can locate it via the post code BN2 6DX.

Overview of The Lawn Memorial Cemetery

The Lawn Memorial Cemetery was opened in January 1 1963. Its grounds span 36.5 acres of attractive green lawn. It is dotted by trees and hedges, including a winding area that leads to the parking lot. Lawn style graves are available. The cemetery uses only wooden tablets laid flat into the ground to preserve the outside look as a park and enable easy mowing.

The burial ground also has a special section set up for Muslim interments (with a dedicated restroom), and several other denominations. The cemetery has no chapel, the nearest chapel is at Woodvale which is only one mile away. Visitors are provided with an accessible toilet.

Using the site as a park

If you are visiting for relaxation, there are available park benches for visitors to seat and enjoy the calm environment. Lawn Memorial Cemetery maintains its natural freshness and provides a perfect spot for nature lovers and meditators alike. It is important to note that dogs are not allowed as they are prone to digging. Every child must also be accompanied by an adult. Visitors are advised not to litter and clean up after them before leaving the park area.

Purchasing a memorial stone

People are advised to wait at least nine months after an interment before setting up a memorial stone to let the gave settle. Only memorial masons who are approved are permitted to work on Lawn Memorial Cemetery. A Memorial Permit Application form must be signed by the owner and submitted before the work begins. These can only be obtained from the stone mason.

Handing over grave ownership

Sometimes, it is necessary to transfer the custody of a grave, from a deceased or living owner, to someone else so it can be reused or to organise a memorial. The process will differ according to the respective situation and a fee will apply for transfer of grave ownership.

Overhanging trees and fauna

People who are concerned about overhanging trees in their boundary, possibly from a neighbouring cemetery are fee to exercise their “Common Law” right to manage their boundary. Under the law, users are entitled to prune back overgrown branches encroaching into their memorial space. Only along the boundary line and not beyond. Otherwise, the Lawn Memorial Cemetery is a peaceful lot of flora and fauna for every visitor to enjoy.

Contact a funeral director

If you have plans to organise an interment and aren’t sure of how to begin, please contact Sussex Funeral Services.

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Please note: Our Professional Fee includes Initial Consultation, Follow-up meetings / calls, Advice, Support, Arrangements and Administration; Collection of the deceased from hospital or Mortuary; Care of the deceased up until day of the funeral; Preparations & viewing arrangements & Support; Ensuring all relevant papers are completed correctly and submitted; Collection & Care of the cremated remains (up to 3 months storage); Administering donations; Funeral Director on the day of funeral to manage & assist with the funeral.

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