Extra Mural Chapel

The Extra-Mural Chapel is a UNESCO heritage site. Listed as a Grade II building within the Extra-Mural Cemetery, it was built in 1851. The chapel is set apart from the main building that houses the crematorium. While it is frequently for service prior to an internment or cremation, on other days, it is used for brief memorial services.


From the main Lewes Road and within the grounds of the Cemetery in Brighton, the Extra Mural Chapel is signposted to guide visitors. The parking areas are also indicated. People who are driving with a satellite navigation function can locate it via the postcode, BN2 3QB.

The entrance gates to the Extra-Mural Cemetery is between New Market Road and Gladstone Place. However, it is important to note that the Extra-Mural Chapel is not accessible by car via the main gate of the Woodvale Crematorium which is a bit further along Lewes Road. Even though they share the same postcode.
There is a separate signboard on the gate, across from the BP filling station, roughly 50 yards north towards the south side of Lewes Road from the main Woodvale entrance.


The Extra-Mural Chapel was built to host around 80 people. It is equipped with materials for playing music from CDs and has an audio device with a socket for headphones. Other facilities for visitors include free parking space, public restrooms and serviced disability access.

The Extra Mural Chapel is perched on one of the most enchanting places in Brighton. It stands on the grounds of the Extra Mural Cemetery, a sheltered gently slanting, woodland area between two very steep hills. People in Brighton– especially visitors- love to take a walk on it tranquil woods. The Chapel and cemetery are maintained by the Brighton and Hove City Council.

The chapel and its grounds have been maintained by The Council and its predecessors since 1956, by landscaping the area and providing structural safety to preserve its character. The Baldwin family tomb which is also a Grade II listed building is perched on the premises as a Revival Byzantine mausoleum.

The chapel itself is a long hall with seats arranged in series of pews, and conical-shaped stained windows by the sides and behind the altar. The floor is made from multi-coloured tiles with a long brown carpet in the centre aisle. The ceiling is designed to be inclined as if the opposite side of the roofs are caving in on each other. The whole chapel provides a sombre atmosphere for the observing visitor.

All viewings in the Chapel must first be arranged by appointment prior to the set-up.

Chapel: Terms of use

  • A Woodvale chapel attendant will not be available to set up the audio equipment.


  • If the chapel is used for a cremation service, the funeral director (or person in charge) oversees the conveying of the coffin to the crematorium after service.


  • There is no additional fee for using the Extra-Mural Chapel if the burial is to be performed at a cemetery run by the Brighton & Hove City Council. However, if the burial is to take place at a different cemetery, a ‘use-of-chapel’ fee will be collected.


When choosing a funeral director, it is advisable to select a licensed member of a trade association. To find out more, please contact Sussex Funeral Directors.

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