Brighton Probate Office

The probate office in Brighton is where the legal right to deal with a deceased person’s property, money and possessions – their estate, can be obtained. Depending on whether or not the deceased left a will, a probate might be required in order to dispense of the estate. Where a probate is required, a grant of probate or letters of administration from the probate office can be collected.

Brighton Probate Office Location

The Brighton probate office is located at William Street in Brighton, UK, with postcode number BN2 0RF.  The office is open from 9:30 to 4pm from Monday to Friday. The office cannot be reached on weekends. To contact them by phone for enquires about probate forms and grants, call +44 1273 573510.

When a Probate is Required

A probate is not always required in all cases. If for example the assets belonging to the deceased were below the sum of £15,000 banks would generally let go of the assets after a small estates form is completed. Assets held in joint names do not need probate.

Circumstances when a probate is required include:

  • The sale or transfer of property or land
  • Collection of shares
  • Making a claim under a life insurance policy
  • Making a claim on behalf of an estate
  • Collecting assets in a bank account totalling above £25,000

Applying for Grant of Probate at the Brighton Probate Office

The administrator is the person who administers the estate, undertaking a role very similar to that of the executor. In order to collect the different assets belonging to an estate, a legal document known as the Grant of Letters of Administration should first be obtained from the Probate office. The document states the deceased’s full name as well as the executors in charge of the administration of the estate.

After obtaining this document, it can then be presented to various financial organisations such as banks to enable assets (monies, shares sold or property owned) of the deceased persons to be released.

Applying For a Probate in Cases of Death

Application can be done by a solicitor or another licenced to provide probate services. In most cases, the following process is followed:

  1. Checking availability of a will, in order to find out if the person to sort out the estate has been named.
  2. Where no will is present, an application can be done by the next of kin to get a grant of representation (also known as letters of administration or grant of probate) and acquire the legitimate right to access the deceased bank account and other things.
  3. Payment of any due inheritance taxes.
  4. Collect estate assets such as money from property sale.
  5. Payment of debts such as unpaid utility bills.
  6. Distribution of the estate to beneficiaries.

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