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In the past, a “Pauper’s funeral” was a funeral paid for by the state, for those who either didn’t have enough money in their estate or family members willing to cover the costs of the burial arrangements. This was one of the earliest social welfare provisions in Britain, dating all the way back to Elizabethan [...]

While many people continue to consider burial or cremation, others are looking into another option: body donation. In short, this is the act of donating your body to science as opposed to being buried or cremated. There is no denying that you will eventually come in contact with somebody who is interested in donating their [...]

Would you know what hymn or song your loved one would want played at their funeral? If not, you are not alone, more than seven out of ten people in a recent survey said that they were not certain. Popular Funeral Songs In a previous survey of the nation’s top 10 most popular contemporary funeral [...]

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The National Council for Palative Care, The Dying Matters Organization, and the National Bereavement Alliance recently teamed up to study how employers and workplaces handle the bereaved. The study worked with four thousand individuals and what they found out is startling. The Results of the Study According to the report, the country’s employers are doing [...]

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The debate over employee sanctioned bereavement leave is a difficult one. On the one hand you have people who insist that bereavement leave should be a standard part of the employee benefit package, like maternity leave. On the other, you have those who say that regulating bereavement leave is much trickier and will be more [...]

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Cruse started out as a small local service focused on helping widows and their children through the bereavement process and now Cruse Bereavement Care is the most highly respected bereavement care charity in the United Kingdom. It offers bereavement services, support and counseling to people across England, Northern Ireland, Wales and (via its sister charity) Scotland. [...]

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Trying to talk to children—especially very young children—about funerals can be incredibly stressful. As adults, we worry about causing too much stress or allowing our children to feel too much pain. It is our instinct to shield them from death and the grief that follows it for as long as possible. The primary problem with [...]

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Every two to seven years, families of the Malagasy people of Madagascar gather for famadihana ceremonies to honour their deceased loved ones.   Known as “turning of the bones,” these ceremonies, which take place at the family crypt, are cause for joyous celebration.   The remains of the loved ones are brought out from the crypt, sprayed [...]

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The beliefs and rituals of the Australian Aboriginal peoples vary from tribe to tribe, region to region, all loosely pertaining to their concept of the cosmos and afterlife, known as “The Dreaming.”   Oftentimes, any number of methods may be used to dispose of the body and free the soul, including cremation, decay by exposure, and [...]

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This is the first article in a new blog series brought to you by Sussex Funeral Services exploring funeral rites and rituals around the world.  Join us as we look into how different peoples both mourn and celebrate death. Jhator is the ancient ritual of death among Tibetan Buddhists that dates back over eleven-thousand years, [...]

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on behalf of the Harper Family.. Dear Philip and Staff at Sussex Funeral HomeI wish to share our sincere thanks from myself and family on the support extended during the passing of our Brother Ivan in Brighton. Even given the distance between us you made it seamless, especially working with the Coroner’s office and bringing Ivan to your little B&B.. albeit a short stay.We introduced Sandra to yourself and you both worked as a team to keep our minds free to focus on reflecting Ivan’s life and the memories shared while you to worked in the background to put everything else in place.From being such a small family service, you made very special and personal about Ivan which we will never forget.We wish you well in your little B&B.. always keep it special !!Moira Harper and Family.read more
Sandra Smith
Sandra Smith
17:38 08 Aug 17
An exceptional service; personalised, sincere, and everyone said it was the best funeral they had ever attended. Phil and Sallie researched thoroughly, and were involved in all the decision-making, to enable us to have the funeral we wanted. The result was a beautiful ceremony. Their warm and personal approach to mum's funeral helped the family beyond description.read more
Mt Ms
Mt Ms
09:08 18 Jul 17
Sallie and Phil were absolutely amazing and I can't even begin to express my gratitude for their professionalism, kindness, honesty, helpfulness, flexibility, compassion and for going the extra mile for us. They broke up their prices clearly, there were no hidden fees or surprises, there was none of that 'being charged for things you don't want' nonsense. They put the Orders of Service on the seats, they arranged lights for me, they helped me with the music, they communicated with me every step of the way, we even had some lovely chats too. All of this and they offer one of the cheapest prices. But we got everything we'd want; we probably got more than we'd have got from places charging a grand more. I can't praise them enough, thank them enough and recommend them any more highly. If I find myself needing to arrange another funeral in the area, I guarantee I'll go straight back to Sussex Funeral Services and be confident I'm in safe hands. At the worst time of my life, at my most vulnerable, they not only didn't take advantage, they were a great comfort and support. (Stephen Frost)read more
Ste Bear
Ste Bear
00:51 04 Feb 17
Philip was very easy to work with and made me feel at ease through the whole process. Thankyou
Chris Green
Chris Green
10:38 21 Dec 17
The funeral was highly personalised and nuanced with great sensitivity to our particular circumstance. An occasion which could have been daunting was made pleasant. All concerned felt the Service was apt and moving. In short, it could not have been done better.read more
keith burstein
keith burstein
16:57 23 Jul 17