One of the world’s oldest and most beautiful tombs Newgrange is one of the oldest and most beautiful ancient burial sites in the world. Located in what is now Ireland, Newgrange was originally constructed over 5000 years ago (around 3,200 BC) during the Neolithic period, the last part of the Stone Age, making it even [...]

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The stars have fascinated mankind since the dawn of history, and many of the most ancient funeral rites take the movement of heavenly bodies into account. However it’s only very recently that it’s been possible for a person to find their final resting place among the stars. A company called Elysium Space and Celestis Inc. [...]

According to archaeological evidence, funeral rites were one of the very first elements of human culture to emerge. Funeral rites can be found in every culture, both ancient and contemporary, although of course these rites differ considerably between different parts of the world and distinct spiritual/religious traditions. Sometimes even the funeral choices of people from [...]

In the past, a “Pauper’s funeral” was a funeral paid for by the state, for those who either didn’t have enough money in their estate or family members willing to cover the costs of the burial arrangements. This was one of the earliest social welfare provisions in Britain, dating all the way back to Elizabethan [...]

Losing a baby at any time, is truly devastating and traumatizing experience for parents, and other loved ones of the child. Unfortunately, it is a rather common experience, as 25% of couples who give birth in the United Kingdom will lose their child either during the pregnancy or the birth. Tommy’s charity is focused on [...]

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While many people continue to consider burial or cremation, others are looking into another option: body donation. In short, this is the act of donating your body to science as opposed to being buried or cremated. There is no denying that you will eventually come in contact with somebody who is interested in donating their [...]

The Atlantis Reef sits approximately 5.2 km off the coast of the Florida Keys.  This man-made reef was originally created in 2007 as a safe-haven for marine life in the wake of so many marine reef habitats being destroyed thanks to human activity and large coastal storms, not to mention an attraction for divers and [...]

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) works closely with families, and their funeral directors, who have lost a loved one as a result of heart disease to help them get through the grieving process. Thousands of families are left suffering, as a heart attack claims a life every seven minutes in the UK. Beyond helping families [...]

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Often referred to as one of the most spectacular and interesting Balinese ceremonies, the “Ngaben,” or cremation, is a religious rite of Hindu descent, although it’s quite a bit different to death ceremonies found in India.   In order for the deceased’s soul to move on to the afterlife and into the ancestral divine realm, a [...]

Agricultural prosperity, Christian churches, and the City of the Dead attract tourists from all over Russia. In North Ossetia, there is a village called Dargavs, which has a peculiar history behind it. The City of the Dead, as the village is known, is the location where people who lived in surrounding valleys buried the ones [...]