Like many things in our rapidly changing and increasingly denser world, traditional burial methods have become a problem for many countries and especially for environmental advocates. A lack of adequate space, fears of toxic chemicals potentially polluting the ground, and extreme numbers of materials used to produce coffins have left a lot of people searching [...]

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There are many ways to honour a passed loved one after the process of cremation. Some find immense comfort scattering ashes in a person’s favourite spot, or perhaps more commonly, by selecting a beautiful urn designed and decorated to honor the deceased. In South Korea however, a fascinating technique is transforming the remains themselves into [...]

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I have written about the benefits of meditation on several occasions, from how it slows ageing, can make us happier, helps us develop and maintain and calm state, and even how it impacts our genes. So I just couldn’t wait to tell you about an amazing new study that can give hope to people who [...]

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From the mildly eccentric to the downright peculiar, there are a number of unusual ways some have adopted to say goodbye to loved ones. Nowadays, being buried in a eco-friendly/cardboard coffin is fast becoming a fashionable way to be buried. Not only is cardboard cheaper than wood, but it is also good for the environment.  [...]

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  Our association with Halloween is one of costumes and ghost stories, sweets and trick or treat. However, the religious roots of this now commercial enterprise can be found as far back as the fourth century church at Antioch, and more recently from Mexican Catholic tradition. Originally, All Saint’s Day was a celebration that took [...]

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Many of the islands of the Pacific have maintained a strong connection to their cultural religious beliefs, despite the historical influence of many Christian missions. In Papua New Guinea, when a death occurs, a medium is called in to determine the cause or to identify the sorcerer or witch who may have been involved. Rituals [...]

Everyone hopes that their funeral will go to plan, but sometimes that just isn’t the case. Take Andrew Jackson, for instance. The seventh president of the United States, Jackson was known for his cutthroat politics and nasty language. His vulgarity had an impact on his parrot, Poll, who was such a close companion of Jackson’s [...]

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Not many have heard of a cardboard coffin, and still fewer realize that they’re taking the world of the modern funeral – particularly amongst the rich and famous – by storm.  Coronation Street’s Hayley Cropper was laid to rest in a cardboard casket, but it’s hardly just fictional characters that are choosing this eco-friendly (if [...]

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Britain entered World War I in the summer of 1914, a conflict that would become known as the Great War and one of the deadliest in human history, resulting in over 37 million deaths worldwide before its end in November 1918. Of these deaths, more than 9 million would be British soldiers. At the time, [...]

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For the first time, a new Scottish people’s festival will be held this year from the 1st - 7th of November. Called ‘To Absent Friends’, the festival is a time of open-ended celebration and remembrance of departed loved ones through storytelling and ceremony. The founders’ aims are to revive lost traditions of remembrance as well [...]

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