Here is our own personal take on what you might wish to consider when choosing your Funeral Director, for an alternative perspective you may also download this list of questions from the Natural Death Society First of all, think about what type of funeral are you considering for either your loved one or for yourself. [...]

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Death and taxes may be the two inevitable things in life, but increasingly the former is now celebrated rather than mourned. More and more loved ones are holding celebrations of life instead of traditional funerals. Why? While traditional funerals mark the passing of the deceased from the world of the living to the world of [...]

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While funerals are profoundly embedded within our traditions, they’re not a legal obligation. The UK government requires only two actions to be taken after someone dies: obtain a death certificate from the hospital doctor or a GP, and then register the death. A funeral is entirely optional. In recent times, several high-profile celebrities have gained [...]

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Japan has a cremation rate of over 99%, the highest of any country in world. Some local governments even ban traditional burials. This was not always the case – before World War II, cremation was only practised by the very rich, but after the positives of cremation, including its efficiency and cleanliness, became recognised, cremation [...]

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For many mourners, long gone are the days of sombre dress and tear-filled handkerchiefs. Today many of the last requests of the dearly departed are becoming increasingly unusual as the traditional funeral rites are beginning to be seen as stuffy and not in line with how the deceased wishes to be remembered. Continue reading “Unusual [...]

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The term might not make sense to a lot of people, but mourning is in fact a profession that has existed in many cultures for centuries. There are references to professional mourning in the bible, in classic literature, and even in today’s world where many services have started that will provide professional mourners for a [...]

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Ancient Chinese traditions that have existed since 1,556 B.C. inform a cultural thinking that the souls of the dead exist in another world, but that they can visit the Earth by resting in their graves. In a sense, a grave becomes a home away from their new home. This basic line of thinking has led [...]

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Like many things in our rapidly changing and increasingly denser world, traditional burial methods have become a problem for many countries and especially for environmental advocates. A lack of adequate space, fears of toxic chemicals potentially polluting the ground, and extreme numbers of materials used to produce coffins have left a lot of people searching [...]

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There are many ways to honour a passed loved one after the process of cremation. Some find immense comfort scattering ashes in a person’s favourite spot, or perhaps more commonly, by selecting a beautiful urn designed and decorated to honor the deceased. In South Korea however, a fascinating technique is transforming the remains themselves into [...]

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I have written about the benefits of meditation on several occasions, from how it slows ageing, can make us happier, helps us develop and maintain and calm state, and even how it impacts our genes. So I just couldn’t wait to tell you about an amazing new study that can give hope to people who [...]

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