A Personal Statement from Philip Evans (Jnr)

Sallie & Phil

My name is Philip Evans (Jnr) and I am a Funeral Director and the owner of Sussex Funeral Services. Sallie Evans is my wife and together we offer independent family funeral services.

You can be assured that Sallie and I will provide you and your family a caring, compassionate and professional service offering every bit of support and guidance throughout, to help you to put together a service that you want; and providing you with choice and inspiration, where it might be needed.

Please feel free to call us to discuss your needs or anything you may wish to ask for advice or guidance. I am always available for you to talk to.

Now to tell you a little about me (updated June 2016

I am 48 years old and live in Shoreham with my wife Sallie. I have two daughters from a previous marriage, Amie & Lauren, now aged 26 & 21, while Sallie has two sons, Mike and Josh aged 27 & 24.

I was educated in Hove, but chose a vocational path rather than an academic one. I like to describe myself as having attended the “University of Life”.

Prior to my change of profession, I served with the Royal Air Force, after which, I went on to become a Police Officer, followed by a number of investigative roles with various agencies including Trading Standards.

These former professions have helped me in becoming the person that I am today, a professional with integrity. Furthermore my previous public service has enabled me to acquire all the relevant skills that are transferrable to the funeral profession.

It was a personal trauma, following the death of my brother, who died from a terminal illness at the young age of 39, which led me to pursue an interest in the funeral profession.

Though I had experienced grief through the death of close family and friends before, I had never before experienced the death of an immediate family member. I was now starting to realise and understand what real grief felt like.

It was his funeral that changed my life. I wanted to put together words which meant something to me, to us, which would both honour and celebrate his life. With the help of photographs I was able to recall my favourite memories of my brother and found the inspiration to put his life together in the form of a photographic and oral eulogy. It was one of the most daunting but proudest moments of my life.

For me the funeral was an opportunity to celebrate his life and to give thanks everything that was good in his life. It was a time to give thanks for all the love, the laughter, the friendship and the inspiration that he brought into my life, as well as all the other special people in his life.

I wish to thank my brother for providing me with the inspiration, the motivation and the enthusiasm for establishing, developing and growing one of the leading, few independent Brighton Funeral Directors, a company which leads the way in providing clients with the best possible service, of which I am immensely proud.

Sallie and I met in 2013 and having showed a keen interest and desire to get involved in bereavement services, combined with her natural ability in providing care and support to those in need of it, Sallie has become my right hand lady, providing me with much needed care and support myself, as well as providing our clients with the care and attention that can be offered from that female approach.

Sallie has two grown up sons, with a wealth of life experience obtaining skills and experience that contribute to her role as a funeral professional. Sallie is also an accomplished artist.

Sallie has also been through her own grief having lost both her parents at a young age. She has also been through the trauma of having been previously diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2014, but thankfully following the usual course of treatment, which involved surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and with the support of Philip, and of course her family and close friends, combined with her own determination and strength, Sallie has now come through to the other side, leaving all that trauma behind as distant memories.

We hope that our story helps to provide you with the knowledge and peace of mind that if you choose to use us, you will know that we are people with compassion, sensitivity and life experience who understand what it is to live through grief and trauma.

During the course of our time spent together, Sallie and I have become life partners, and recently married in April 2016. That will mean that we will not only be an ‘Independent Funeral Director’, but an ‘Independent Family Funeral Director‘!

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