Brighton & Hove Mortuary

Brighton & Hove City Mortuary offers facilities for storage and post-mortem of deaths that are reported at the Coroner’s office. The deaths may be unexpected, natural or unnatural. The City Mortuary also has facilities for low and high-risk forensic post-mortems. The staff of the City Mortuary work closely with Brighton & Hove’s Coroner’s office, East Sussex and West Sussex County Councils, the NHS and Sussex Police.

Location of the Mortuary

The City Mortuary is located on Lewes Road within the premises of the Extra Mural Cemetery, which is between Gladstone Place and NewMarket Road. The postcode is BN2 3QB.

The office is open from 7am to 3pm- Monday to Thursday, and 7am to 12pm on Friday. All written enquiries are to be directed to the Bereavement Services.

Overview of the Mortuary

The Mortuary has a Chapel of Rest inside the public area where family and friends can view the deceased. However, viewings are strictly based on previous appointment only and it last for an hour. In some cases, viewing may not be visible until after a post-mortem examination has been concluded.

There is available parking space, in addition to a waiting room and toilet facilities. There are also facilities for the disabled to access the mortuary easily.

When a death occurs

If a death occurs at home, the Doctor who attended to the deceased in their last moment of illness will have to be contacted quickly so that the death may be confirmed. The doctor will also issue a Medical Certificate or Cause of Death. Similar arrangements are made for hospital deaths.

The deceased will have to be removed from the place of death. A funeral director may be contacted for this purpose. For deaths that are sudden or unexpected, a Doctor may be unable to issue an immediate Medical Certificate of Cause of Death. The deceased will have to be taken to the Brighton & Hove Mortuary by a council staff in the Coroner’s office. There, a post-mortem examination will be performed to find out the cause.

Repatriation of the deceased

When a person who died abroad needs to be returned home for a funeral, or if a foreigner need to be taken to his or her home country, there are certain procedures that must be obeyed.  While moving bodies within the UK is under no restriction, a notification must be sent to the coroner of the district where the body is lying, if the body is to be moved from the UK to Norther Island, Scotland, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Mann or overseas. The death must be registered in the usual way by visiting the Register Office.

Arranging a funeral

After registering the death or completing the Coroner’s enquiries, the proper arrangements need to be made for a funeral. There are facilities for both cremation and burial at the council. When choosing a funeral director, ensure that they are members of a trade association such as the National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors or National Association of Funeral Directors.

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